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With the harsh summer heat it might be a good idea to Aerate your lawn to give it new growth and deep roots into the ground.


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Aeration Rochester, New York

When your soil gets too compact, there's a good chance that your grass might not be getting the Oxygen and nutrients and H2O that it requires to reach its full potential. Lawn Aeration will help to fix this problem by pulling plugs of old soil which allows this process to happen for new growth of roots of your lawn to reach its potential to grow properly. Lawn Aeration will help to strengthen the roots and allow them to grow deeper instead of being strangled. Strong roots in your lawn will help make it look very beautiful and healthy and green.

Dethatching Rochester, New York

Reasons to Dethatch

  • Thick layers of thatch can cause serious damage to your lawn. The layer of thatch sits on top of the soil, separating the roots from any material that comes in contact with the soil. This means that water and food, such as fertilizer, cannot penetrate the thatch, and therefore is never absorbed by the roots. The grass will dry out, wilt, brown and in worst cases, die. Insects also thrive in thick-thatch lawns, where the soil temperature rarely changes, providing an optimal spot to lay eggs.