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With the harsh summer heat it might be a good idea to Aerate your lawn to give it new growth and deep roots into the ground.


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We clean the leaves off before mowing

We will clean off the leaves in your front yard before mowing sometimes the back also depends on the layout. Leaves are good for the lawn only if you have a few to mulch up, but when you have to many its very bad. I watched a larger company the other day mow the lawn with alot of leaves on it, also they mowed towards the beds to prevent grass blowing in the street then they came back through blew all of the old leaves which browned with muck off of the street curb back onto the lawn then went around this large bed which they blew grass into it when mowing, they blew all of that grass and the leaves into the very middle of it. I ask myself why?  When it took my crew about the same amount off time to blow the leaves off into a pile before mowing. Which then our lawn looked much better and CLEAN and SHARP looking only with a pile of leaves in front of the house for the town to pick up.

Before Mowing

After Mowing

Our competition A very large company