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With the harsh summer heat it might be a good idea to Aerate your lawn to give it new growth and deep roots into the ground.


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Fall & Spring Cleanup Rochester, New York  585-284-8799

Looking for a good Fall or Spring clean up company in Rochester New York  well here we are. We offer deep cleaning with powerfull blowers and vacs, we dont surface clean we get every thing. We offer removal of debris with an extra charge.

P.S.  Dont forget the Gutters

The leaves have fallen and winter is coming. Before the first snow fall, be sure to perform a fall leaf cleanup. This fall cleanup is crucial for your lawn in order to prevent the leaves from smothering your lawn. This barrier of leaves traps moisture, inhibits sunlight, and harbors insects and diseases; this can kill patches of even the healthiest grass.To prevent a dead lawn after the winter has passed, fall leaf cleanup is essential. Don’t think that Mother Nature is going to do the job for you by blowing your leaves away. This may be true to some extent, but remember for the leaves that blow away, there’s that many more blowing onto your lawn.

This is our Fall cleanup workhorse this machine will remove the leaves at a fast rate it will blow them to the curb. With its leaf plow it enjoys pushing any pile of leaves that comes its way, wet, heavy, small, or jumbo size. 

This is our Powerful Vac that will lift debris off your lawn. It will make your lawn look great with a clean green shine once again.

Here is a new vac sweep to add to our arsenal to offer you the best looking lawn.

Spring Cleanups

Our spring cleanup price includes removal of the debris or piles instead of sitting in front of your house to blow back onto yours or into your neighbors yard. There wont be bags left behind in front of your house for your garbage guys to bill you to remove them or be ripped opened from weather, cars or kids having a laugh.

We are the best at Fall cleanup compared to other companies. We dont tarp or drag materials along your lawn. We can take care of your small and large lawns, We can remove leaves at an extra charge or place at the curb at no charge. We are well equiped with equipment to clean up your lawn from twigs, leaves, walnuts, pine needles, acorns and what ever mother nature throws at you. We have powerfull blowers large and small with vaccums. We clean out your beds and leave just enough for your plants for winter. Our company does not surface clean we deep clean your lawn . 

Before shot, this is alot of leaves

After the cleanup, job nicely done