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With the harsh summer heat it might be a good idea to Aerate your lawn to give it new growth and deep roots into the ground.


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Mulch Rochester, New York

Benefits of a Mulch:

• Conserves soil moisture
• Moderates soil temperature by
insulating the soil surface
• Reduces soil compaction caused by equipment
and people
• Reduces soil erosion from wind or water
• Slowly increases
soil fertility through decomposition (organic mulches only)
• Reduces
incidence of disease by protecting above-ground plant parts from splashes that
carry soil-borne inoculum
• Reduces fruit rot by eliminating contact between
fruit and soil
• Reduces winter injury by minimizing temperature variation,
reducing water loss in plants and decreasing heaving of plant crowns and roots

• Aids weed control

Our price includes weeding, removing the debris, hauling in the mulch, laying the mulch, We also spread down Preen weed preventer. The one thing we do that other companys dont do is we dont leave trail marks on your lawn when we are done from wheel barrels.